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If you enjoyed starting 2017 with a nice buzz of nostalgia in the form of official Project Reality Retro Map Pack then get ready for more! This update brings two more maps from the good old days along with an overall update to all maps in the map pack.

  • added Muttrah City v1 from PR v0.5, AAS and Skirmish
  • added Al Basrah from PR v0.5, AAS and Skirmish
  • lowered ambient sound volumes on all maps except Desert...
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Today we are happy to announce and promote another official map pack made for the COOP community. This map pack was a joint effort by Rabbit and [R-CON]Spyker2041, delivering 6 maps to play on in the Cooperative / Singleplayer gamemode. It includes custom maps from vanilla Battlefield 2 that have been totally revamped as well as several community maps.

This is an official map pack so servers will be allowed to host these maps without a password.
Many thanks to all mappers credited below for allowing us to remake their maps and use them in the map pack.

[​IMG] [​IMG]...​
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One-Life Event - Motherload


PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Motherload | 18:00 PRT, 6th AUGUST 2017


Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Black Gold VW Inf
Time/Date: Event already happened

Enjoy watching:
Battlerecorder: Klick me
by PRTA Bot at 22:44
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Hi Squaddies,

Calling all combat camera operators! Do you go above and beyond in the heat of battle to come back with the goods? Have a hot run you've been just dying (heh heh) to share? Good news! This one is for you.

There's no shortage of squaddies out there sharing their favorite moments with us, but that's just not good enough. We want to share those moments with everyone. Our crack team of video wizards will compile 3-5 minutes of the choicest moments to be featured far and wide to the entire Squad community!

What You Need to Know:

  • Share your clip in the discussion thread! (Right here, silly.)
  • Keep it short and sweet!
  • We'll pick our favorite submissions starting August 7, 2017.
  • Our video team gets final edit!
  • Have fun, dagnabit.

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by PRTA Bot at 17:14
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A tiny update with mostly fixes to some critical items. You can read the details below.

We are always looking for more testers. Want to help us test maps and other content? Sign up as a tester today.

PR:BF2 v1.4.14.0 Changelog (2017/July/27)

  • Updated PR Mumble client. Reverted back to previous version. Fixing issues with newer version requires more time.
  • Fixed client crash related to kicking chatting players.

  • Updated stationary (mainbase) AT and AA launchers to use same values as deployable counterparts.
  • Updated SPG-9 reticle to only work for HEAT rounds.
  • Fixed heat seeking missiles rarely exploding on flares.

  • Updated CSB deployment. Deploying CSB no longer linked to supply crates.
  • Fixed AAVP7A1, LAV25, M2A2 crashing on COOP when deploying smoke.

by PRTA Bot at 19:54
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Hey Squaddies!

Want to see your favorite development team get busy on the motion capture stage? You got it! Check out the article right here, then tell us what you think below!

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by PRTA Bot at 19:22
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Hi Squaddies,

We've got a quick update to the 9.6 Alpha for you today! Let's get right into the details of the hotfix:

  • Fixed collisions on several buildings on Narva and Basrah to prevent glitching.
  • Fixed "Gamma" flag zone collision and time to cap on Narva Invasion v1.
  • Reduced bleed on "Alpha" and "Bravo" flags on Narva Invasion v1.
  • Temporary Militia logistics truck spawn on Narva Invasion v1 moved back.
  • Added temporary spawn for Insurgents on Al Basrah AAS v1.
  • Fixed Sumari missing/displaced static meshes.
  • Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs.
  • Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs.
  • Fixed destruction effects on INS and Militia HABs.
  • Fixed SL hex menu not being centered on mouse position.
  • Flipped stance indicators horizontally.

Offworld Out.

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by PRTA Bot at 01:13
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Hi Squaddies,
The time has come to hit the streets of Narva! Alpha 9.6 is upon us, and a new map isn't the only thing in store for you! Are you locked and loaded?
Aww, yeah, that's right: squad locking makes its debut in this patch. Not only can you fortify your squad, Riflemen are now capable of deploying sandbags. Everyone else is capable of destroying them... and maybe a few other deployables too. Dig in!
Version 9.6 is now available via Steam. Please always reset your appdata in the game settings on every new build!

by PRTA Bot at 16:54
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With this update we roll back the experimental weapon damage changes introduced in v1.4.8.0. We decided this after an internal vote supported by the community's feedback. Next to this there are some other changes and fixes. One of them being a overhaul of the vehicle mounted smoke counter measures. You can read the details below.

We are always looking for more testers. Want to help us test maps and other content? Sign up as a tester today.

For those who didn't see the message with v1.4.12.0:
Important, due to an update to the mumble client, make sure you have Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 installed! Download it here. This is also for those who get the 'Mumble_app.dll error -3' error. You need the vc_redist.x86.exe even if you have x64 system.

PR:BF2 v1.4.13.0...
by PRTA Bot at 12:13
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Ever since we introduced the beta program for new maps with Sahel we were happy to see many of you posted feedback and suggestions. So today we introduce a new map in the beta program: Route E-106. This map, just like Sahel is in need of community feedback and play testing before it can be finalized and implemented. Route E-106 features a forested and rural environment in hopes of creating an appealing aesthetic and features unpredictable flag layouts so that every round is fresh and develops differently each time you play. This map also serves as a proof of concept for influencing squad cohesion with careful placement of overgrowth and deliberate terrain alterations.

We also added an update to the Dutch infantry weapons with the addition of C7NLD and C8NLD and a rework of the MINIMI. Next to all this there are some changes and fixes as usual which you can read all below. Enjoy the release!

We are always looking for more testers. Want to help us test maps and...