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  6. PRTA Test Battle 3rd of March 1800 PRT
by PRTA Bot at 13:33
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Another small patch for PR:BF2 but with some big impacts to gameplay which you can read in the DevBlog here. As well as a first set of fixes to the new beta map Sahel introduced in v1.4.7.0 based on the early feedback (don't forget to give your own here). Enjoy the update!

Want to help us test maps and other content? Sign up as a tester today.

v1.4.8.0 is available now for servers and will soon be available to clients through the automated updater.

PR:BF2 v1.4.8.0 Changelog (2017/April/23)

  • Fixed crash related to T72B.
  • Fixed french trucks being too fast.

  • Updated SPG-9 reload time to 10s down from 15s.
  • Updated handheld weapon damage system....
by PRTA Bot at 03:12
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In an effort to be more inclusive and helpful to our international communities, I would like to announce that we are beginning our efforts to add international sections to our forums. This will include areas to post your questions/comments/feedback into specific areas for native speakers of many languages. While this isn't going to be an overnight process we will push forward with this as quickly as possible.

During this time, we will be cleaning up and modifying some sections of the forums. This will hopefully streamline and make the forums much more accessible to everyone internationally. The rules for the forums will be getting looked over and updated as some of these items are a bit out of date. If you have any questions at all, please direct them to myself or any member of our moderator staff.

As a part of this effort, I am looking for people that are interested in being moderators for specific language sections. If you are interested, please DM Odin directly with the...
by PRTA Bot at 17:13
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Outside from the usual fixes and smaller changes, this update marks a change in development for PR:BF2. Introducing new maps to the players was sometimes difficult as initial feedback would be scarce and only based on a few public play sessions during events. Today we introduce a new system by releasing a map before it's completion to all players and servers. This will offer us more feedback and will allow the mapping team to complete the new maps with this information in mind. We then also ask players to post their feedback and bug reports in the forums.

The first map we will introduce under this new system is Sahel. A 2x2km map being the first PR map in the jungle of Africa. Do note that under this new system the map will be visually incomplete and have more issues then usual. It also does not support a high amount of gamemodes and...
by PRTA Bot at 18:31
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One-Life Event - Op. Purgatory


PRTA Presents: One-Life Event - Op. Purgatory | 18:00 PRT, 15th APRIL 2017


Server: PRTA | EU - OneLife Event
Server Password: onelife
Map: Silent Eagle AAS Alt
Time/Date: 18:00 PRT, 15th APRIL 2017

The situation

Eastern Europe is pressured by Russian forces gaining ground and amassing on a so-called "Omega"...
by PRTA Bot at 19:13
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Apr 5, 2017

Hi Squaddies!
It's fragging time! Get your helmets dusted off, boots on the ground and be ready to welcome the masses as we ship our free weekend patch to the community in anticipation of the free weekend which will be launching Thursday 6th April at 10 AM PST.
And don't forget Squad and it's soundtrack will also be 50% off for the duration of the free weekend and our Squad merchandise will be 30% off!


We are also launching a new 9.2 Patch that contains some improvements and treats to help make the free weekend more enjoyable and rewarding for the community.
Server Queues
We are releasing server queues with this Free Weekend! This means you should never see Server is Full again unless something went terribly wrong.
  • ...
by PRTA Bot at 10:08
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Operator Unit Tournament - OUT


PRTA Presents: Operator Unit Tournament - OUT


Maps: 59 handpicked official skirmish maps, edited to maximize balance
Time/Date: Signups OPEN! First matches held on MAY 13th!
Do you have what it takes to be Tier 1 Operator?

Competitive, "tacticool" and MilSim merged into one intense tournament, the likes of which PR world has not yet seen! OUT will reward only the most...
by PRTA Bot at 23:13
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Ladies and Gentlemen!

Hot on on the exhaust trail of our A9 release and inevitable hotfix, we are very excited to make some announcements today about upcoming events in the Squad timeline.

In conjunction with pivoting our team into Alpha 10 release we wanted to bring some more content to the player base and open up the game to a greater audience before the completion of our core feature set.

We are very happy to announce that on Thursday April 6th at 10am PST we will be launching our second Squad Free Weekend and as a thank you to our player base we would like to offer you a redux of one of our favourite classic Project Reality maps (To be hotfixed in Wednesday). Squad will also be on sale for 50% off for the duration of the free weekend - April 6th 10am PST to April 10th 10am PST!!!
Al Basrah Free Weekend!
Huge shout out to the original creator Duckhunt from the Project Reality team and the Redux creator, one of our own community...
by PRTA Bot at 23:28
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Community Update


PRTA Presents: Community Update | March 29th 2017

In this issue: we're recruiting, get involved; PR status, scheduled downtime & continued success; Squad update (and Linux files); update about the one-life event gameplay; plans for future events; thankyou to all the donors; new FFTF and one-life event videos.

We're recruiting

As a growing number of people are becoming busier with real-life things - getting jobs, promotions, starting families, &c - we need some more help to keep PRTA running smoothly and to improve what we can offer. We need people with a wide range of...
by PRTA Bot at 23:22
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These are the changes and fixes in this patch:

- Fixed several issues in the EAC plugin
- Changed EAC server logging settings
- Added new confirmation window when getting kicked from a server displaying the reason for the kick
- Fixed RCON plugin being disabled
- Fixed RKG-3 not doing damage to vehicles
- Fixed FOB takedown ticket cost logic being inverted
- Fixed a StopReplicating crash by pulling in the fix from UE 4.15
- Fixed constraint array issues by pulling in fixes from UE 4.15
- Allow Linux servers to use directories that have spaces in them
- Fixed incorrect impact effects after penetration
- Fixed performance on issue on penetration exit holes
- Fixed Linux compiler issues
- Fixed Yehorivka conquest repair stations not repairing
- Fixed hilltop buildings so windows are enterable again
- Fixed some fences that were not penetrable
- Renamed texture streaming setting in the graphics menu and inverted the logic so that people who refuse to read don't turn texture...