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Project Reality Server Rules

PRTA Project Reality Server Rules


    1. You must comply with the admin team. Do not debate admin decisions in-game.
    2. Disruptive gameplay is prohibited. Disruptive gameplay is defined as any act that is detrimental to server gameplay. The admin team reserves the right to remove any player considered disruptive.
    3. Streaming on our server is prohibited, unless it has been authorised by the admins.
    4. Do not actively advertise or recruit for other communities whilst on our server, unless it has been authorised by the admins.
    5. Inappropriate player and squad names will be removed from the server.
    6. Impersonating any individual, especially administrators, is forbidden.
    7. Intentional team-killing is forbidden at all times. Apologise for accidents.
    8. All PRTA members, leaders, admins and managers must follow server rules and can suffer the same consequences as other non-member players.


    1. All players must have and use a working microphone and correctly configured Mumble.
    2. Do not spam text chats, Mumble or the CommoRose at any time.
    3. English is the server language. Players require the ability to speak English.
    4. Do not abuse !r. Spamming it or false reporting players is prohibited.
    5. Intentionally insulting any player by any means is prohibited. We expect you to be mature and respectful at all times.
    6. Racism is prohibited.


    1. Squads must not be created before the pre-round timer reaches 2:00.
    2. Free kit squads are prohibited. All squads must work cohesively and for the benefit of the team.
    3. Do not join a squad and take a kit without asking the Squad Leader first.
    4. Do not steal kits.
    5. All players must obey the in-game hierarchy and follow orders.
      • Commander > Squad Leaders > Squad Members
    6. All squad leaders must actively lead and organise their squad.
    7. It is prohibited to lock INFANTRY squads with less than 6 players.
    8. All Squad Leaders of INFANTRY and MECHANISED INFANTRY squads must use the OFFICER kit when the squad has between 2-8 players, unless the Squad Leader is operating the asset.
    9. RECON squads are permitted.
      1. Only one RECON squad is permitted per team.
      2. RECON Squad Leaders must either use OFFICER or SPOTTER kit.
      3. It is prohibited to lock RECON squads with less than 4 players.

Assets & Claiming

    1. Heavy Assets: Tanks, APCs, IFVs, CAS, Transport Helicopters, Mortars, Missile and Suicide Vehicles. Heavy Assets can only be claimed by correctly named, dedicated squads.
    2. Light Assets: Any other asset/emplacement not defined as 'Heavy Assets'. Light Assets cannot be claimed, but are considered squad property when in use.
      1. Light Assets are first-come first-serve.
      2. Light Assets are considered the property of the squad using them until abandoned or destroyed.
    3. The following (written here in CAPS) are the required names for Squads that wish to claim Heavy Assets. Any squad deviating from these names may not be allowed to claim the asset:
      1. ARMOUR/ARMOR/TANK: All Tanks and Armoured Scout vehicles.
      2. APC: All IFVs and APCs (which have not been claimed by MECHINF, see below)
        1. Whichever one of APC and MECH INF is created first has priority claim over the assets. So:
          1. If MECH INF squad is created first, they may choose which APC/IFV they want to use and APC squad must take what is left.
          2. If APC squad is created first, they may choose which APC/IFV they want to use and MECH INF squad must take what is left.
      3. MECH INF:
        1. Multiple MECH INF squads are permitted.
        2. MECH INF may only claim an APC/IFV once it has more than 6 members.
        3. MECH INF can only claim one APC/IFV per squad at any time.
        4. MECH INF squad leaders are still expected to lead and organise the INFANTRY elements of their squad. Do not make MECH INF squads with freekit infantry.
      4. CAS: All jets, attack helicopters and AAVs.
        1. If there are no CAS aircraft, the AAV may not be claimed, and is subject to the same asset rules as Light Assets.
      5. TRANSPORT/TRANS: All transport helicopters.
        1. Using TRANS helicopters as makeshift CAS is permitted but TRANS must prioritise TRANSPORT duties first.
      6. MORTARS: All Mortars.
        1. It is prohibited to lock MORTAR squads with less than 4 players.
    4. General Asset Rules:
      1. The first squad to be created and named correctly claims the asset(s).
      2. Duplicate Heavy Asset squads are forbidden unless either:
        1. The Squad Leader of the first squad permits it; or
        2. The number of assets exceeds the number of slots in a squad (e.g. CAS on Falklands).
      3. There is no limit to the number of squads permitted, except if it exceeds the number of suitable assets available.
      4. Only one class of Heavy Asset may be claimed per squad.
        • e.g. You cannot claim CAS and ARMOUR together.
      5. Light Assets should be shared by all squads. Do not take more Light Assets than you need.
      6. Vehicles must be manned by the minimum number of personnel required to operate it effectively.
      7. Vehicles must be manned by competent personnel. Do not claim or use assets if you are unable to use them properly.
      8. Do not abandon assets. Do not claim Heavy Assets and then not use them.

Forbidden Tactics, Cheating and Glitching

    1. Suicide tactics are forbidden except for suicide vehicles.
    2. Do not intentionally roadkill i.e. using your vehicle as a weapon, turning deliberately into enemies.
    3. Do not attack the opposing team's first capable flag or any flag on the way to it from their main base until 10 MINUTES of gameplay has elapsed (unless it is active in the AAS order, or you are able to spawn on it).
      1. Attacking the route from the enemy's main to their first flag is also forbidden.
    4. Do not attack the last flag on Skirmish layers and seeding maps, unless this has been authorised by the admins.
    5. Do not destroy caches when the server is below 30 active players, unless this has been authorised by the admins.
    6. Do not supply information about player and asset locations, number of deployed assets or ticket count to the enemy team.
    7. Do not sabotage your team, directly or indirectly.
    8. Cheating, glitching or otherwise taking advantage of exploits is absolutely prohibited.
      1. Any person suspected of cheating may be removed from the server until the incident can be further investigated.
      2. Discussing cheats, glitches or exploits via in-game chat, Mumble or elsewhere will result in your removal from the server pending an investigation.

Main Bases / Out of Bounds Areas

    1. Firing in or out of main bases, repair stations or DoDs is prohibited. The only exception to this rule is when the main base is an active and cap-able flag.
      1. Do not 'camp' or mine main bases, repair stations or DoDs. The administration team has the last say on whether an action is 'camping' or not. (See rule 1.1.)
      2. Do not build assets inside DoDs.
    2. Engaging enemy air assets whilst they are taking off from a main base is prohibited.
      1. When flying CAS, avoid the enemy main base when you are not dogfighting.
      2. When flying CAS, chasing an enemy towards their main base/DoD is permitted until the enemy CAS is within the limits of their main base.
      3. Do not lock onto or fire at enemy air assets above or inside their main base.
    3. Do not cause disruptive behaviour in main base.
      1. Loitering within main base is prohibited, unless waiting for an asset.

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