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Realitymod.com C13 First Battlecycle & Operations System

Discussion in 'News' started by PRTA Bot, Mar 18, 2018.

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    Apr 30, 2011
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    With the officers set in place and the grunts assigned, the teams are officially ready to hit the battlefield. This weekend marks the start of the first Prep Battlecycle and therefore the true start of C13!

    Over the next two weeks, intel gatherers will be scouring the maps for good positions and timings for deployment, battle-planners and Commanders will be carefully considering strategy and tactics, and grunts will be playing and fighting together, building the bonds of a strong squad for the first time. All of this in preparation for the first battle of the campaign on October 7th.

    For those of you that missed the grunt sign-ups, fear not! Inevitably spots open up throughout the campaign due to change in circumstance or commitment, and we will be opening sign-ups again whenever the teams need more eager soldiers.


    This campaign, the war will no longer be fought between two multi-national alliances. Conflicts of such a large scale are simply no longer politically
    desirable and feasible. Instead, market economics solved this issue: Instead of employing your own national soldiers, simply hire a company to do it for you! Two of these large mercenary companies have emerged as the key contractors of this particular conflict: The Vanguard Operations Group and Riamh Pax. While they might have historic ties to specific national arsenals, they long since have evolved into global players, employing soldiers and material from all over the globe.
    This means the teams are no longer limited to play only specific nations during battles, but can and will play all of them.

    The operations and their maps can be reviewed on the operations page.


    In addition to the new operation system, C13 will see changes in the score system, rewarding a more aggressive playstyle. You still win a battle by reducing the enemy's tickets to zero but the losing team will also be rewarded, depending on how many flags it was holding when the round ended.


    We expect the following strategic impacts for commanders:
    • Flag control in early game will be more important
      Higher initial aggression instead of a slow and creeping approach as before
    • When you are behind and know it, an assault on enemy flags allows you to close the point gap even in a loss
    • When you know you are ahead in tickets, trying to outcap your enemy will increase your effective point gap
    The formula is: 100 × FlagsHolding ÷ TotalCappableFlags

    This is gearing up to be an exciting campaign, but in the meantime, best of luck to both teams on the battlefields to come!


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