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Denied Maks - Slovenia Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by ruskie007, Aug 25, 2017.

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    Aug 25, 2017
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    UTC +1
    Who are you?:
    I am a decent pilot, teamplayer. I am playing pr for more than 3 years now, and i have some experience, i am a good friend
    What can you offer our Moderator team?:
    A new member, lots of my time, dedication, and some donations.
    I have read the PRTA Forum Rules before signing up for Moderator. I agree with them and I promise to follow them under all circumstances.:
    QUESTION 1) A user posts a spiderman image in an already derailed thread. How do you proceed?:
    I warn him to remove it, and if he doesnt do that, i temp. ban him for throwing of thread.
    QUESTION 2) A user insults another user, e.g.: "Lol you fucking retard, XYZ. ABC's ideas are awesome". How do you proceed?:
    I warn him to stop at first, apologise and remove post, if he doesnt do that then i temp. ban him from the thread.
    QUESTION 3) A user starts to harass & insult you through a Private Message. How do you respond?:
    I would tell and warn him to stop, if he doesnt stop i notify superior admin that i am being harassed, and i would talk with him about what to do next.
    QUESTION 4) People come/return to our forums because they want to cause drama. What do you do?:
    I would tell them to stop and that this server is not ment for that,if they continiue to do the same, i would remove them.
    QUESTION 5) You see how Lead/Senior Moderator break PRTA Forum Rules without any proper explanation (in order to achieve greater good). What do you do?:
    I would report the incident to the management staff and deal with it in a way that would not cause any trouble trough the community.
    QUESTION 6) You disagree with the steps taken by Lead/Senior Moderator. What do you do?:
    I would notify the other senior admins, tell them why i dont agree with steps taken,and they together should find an alternative solution.
    QUESTION 7) How did you proceed when you got involved into a bigger argument? What was the outcome of the argument?:
    I refrain speaking to the lead or senior mod who took actions I didnt agree with and report the situation to a superior admin and will tell the exact situation and report evidence and discuss the actions with management. That lead moderator took a leaner decision to the actions he took.
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    Manager PR:BF2 Head HR Lead Resident Moderator Senior Tester Member Ten Good Men

    Mar 12, 2013
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    Trial Period Denied

    Unfortunately your application was not approved for trial period based on the responses you provided in your application form.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to make an application.
    Please feel free to reapply after a minimum period of one month.


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